SNPS commitment to make Thailand innovative herbal hub for global wellbeing.

SNPS has always strived promoting Thai herbs internationally with sole mission and commitment in developing research studies on value added herbs in each relevant aspect to create competitive proposition for new unique business opportunities for sustainable growth. SNPS total revenue grew by well over 170% from the year 2019. The company believes that its knowledge of specialty in herbs and production technology has been the key components of its success consistently over the years .

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Panvipa Krisdaphong, Group President, SNPS said, “Our organization is fully committed on uplifting Thai herbs standards to be accepted both at national and international levels in terms of its efficacies and production potential. In the beginning, when herbs were not yet recognized and were constrained by many factors such as standard, efficacy, and capability and thus Thai herbs were not popular in both domestic and international markets. However, with the establishment of Specialty Natural Products (SNP), Thai herbal extraction infrastructure , the knowledge about Thai herbs has been integrated with the use of modern globally recognized technology to solve the mentioned problems. SNP is pioneer entity to promote the standardization in Thai herb extracts. SNP strictly controls every production lot so that the amount of chemotypes or active ingredients can be derived consistently on “batch by batch basis ”.

Dr. Panvipa shared her insights about the standardization which enables Thai herbs to be utilized in many products, adding value to the herbs, and unlocking them to meet international standards. In addition to the development of standards, the company also continuously transfer knowledge to the local community. Currently, SNP can extract more than 300 variety of local herbs that meets the standards and are recognized internationally resulting in an increase in popularity and readiness for the demand of the global market. Examples of extracts include ReiSHIELD, a standardized extract developed from mushrooms which is commonly used to enhance immunity and reduce blood sugar levels; and BluVlite extract that can protect one from infrared and blue light from digital devices, popular in Korea and used in cosmeceuticals. In addition to that last year, there was also joint research study with the National Center for Nanotechnology in the study of black galingale extract GuVnis for registration in Thailand and abroad as well.

Dr. Panvipa also mentioned the expansion of its business unit from the herbal extraction plant to SNPS, a LEED Gold certified factory that manufactures products under the customer’s brand by stressing that “We can integrate herbal extracts with other substances and manufacture them as products conducive to meet market and consumer demand “. If viewed holistically, Specialty Innovation is not just a typical OEM factory but in fact, the company is a research and development Hub which has in-house competent and well qualified cosmetic scientists, food scientists, pharmacists and doctors practicing Thai traditional medicine at one place to develop and infuse formulas into various type of products. By doing this, customers can rest be assured that the products from our company meet the required quality and efficacy standards of regional and international markets. In fact These combined synergies in line with market demand led to an substantial increase in the consolidated turnover of SNPS Group by more than 170% from 2019.”

“This is an era where Thai society is inspired and committed to transform the country in line with Thailand 4.0. various technologies Vision. But unfortunately we fall into the trap of competing in the global market by trying to follow the rules set by others and striving for things that are not to our competitive advantage. What our organization realizes is that we must highlight the unique properties of Thai herbs to emphasize on our expertise, deep scientific knowledge and together with our creativity to deliver competitiveness in our offerings” Dr. Panvipa concluded.

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