Specialty Innovation Co., Ltd. offers a one-stop service for Wellness & Beauty products creation including personal care, color cosmetics, cosmeceutical , food supplements ,and traditional medicine To fulfill our service portfolio, Specialty Innovation provides guidance in concept initiation, original product development & formulation, packaging and brand design, registration and paperwork, and manufacturing. We are absolute in terms of quality from material selection and throughout production process to reassure highest product quality to serve customer’s need. Specialty Innovation Co., Ltd. Continues to develop and innovate new products in wellness and beauty industry through our state-of-the-art research and production facilities combined with skilled and experienced team. Our research & development team is considered top experts in aspect of usage and applications of Thai herbal extracts in wellness and beauty products. Specialty Innovation believes in the quality and potential of Thai products and have made it company’s mission to further develop them to their full potential in order to lead Thai original products into global market.